Homeless to be Displaced

Camps Closing

Cincinnati to close two homeless encampments in the downtown area this week. Sixty people currently living in these camps will be displaced.

Star 64 News

Flashback to 2016
Star 64 posts a story about Kingdom warriors including interviews from some of the volunteers.

Barbers & Stylists Needed

Every week Kingdom Warriors rally’s up all their forces and heads to Downtown Cincinnati to feed and serve the homeless. We have a mobile resotration trailer where we provide free haircuts to those in need. If you have your Stylist or Barber license and would like to volunteer some of your time to this worthy cause, please contact us on the HOME page.

Larger Building Needed

We are running out of room! Kingdom Warriors is in desperate need of a building. If you or someone you know can help please contact us. Check out the Needs Page for a description of the building we’d like to acquire.

There is Hope

Story of getting clean. 

Nine months of rehab, healthy baby boy and a new place to live.